What a Chauffeur drives on his day off

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fulllength1 300x208 What a Chauffeur drives on his day offWhen I’m not driving the Rolls Royce for a wedding, anniversary, of taking a couple for a night on the town, I still ride in a pretty remarkable car.  I found this 1962 Chrysler convertible in Tampa Florida a few years back.

She had some surface rust, and the interior was shot, but I’ve always love the early ’60s styles that came out of Detroit, so I had to buy her… Really.. I HAD TO..

My best description on almost all  pre-1965 cars is “One step in future, one step in the  past”.

Most of the cars from this era, either really toned down the fins of the fifties, or eliminated them altogether, started using “cutting edge” technology like alternators, and uni-body construction.  Best of all, these cars did there best to appeal to the public fascination with the “space age”

interiorfromback1 300x184 What a Chauffeur drives on his day offTake a look at the dash of this Chrysler,  push button transmission, globe instrumentation, even the high-back driver seat (or as brochures called it “Commander seat”) it all smacks of space exploration promoted by  president JFK .

Yet with all these “fancy” features, the car has quad headlights, massive chrome bumpers, and is enormous (18.5 feet long).. carryovers from the late fifties.

With just over 2000 of these convertibles built, and styling that went out of favor fast, few have survived…  it has become a relatively rare car, but that’s not the attraction.  I found most cars from the ’60s to be reliable, sturdy, and I love the “why” of their style… They are rolling history.

topdown yea21 300x183 What a Chauffeur drives on his day offSo if  I’m not driving a Classic Rolls Royce for a wedding, you’ll find me behind the wheel of another piece of history.

taillight 300x224 What a Chauffeur drives on his day off

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